Quilting, Reading and Autumn!

I got the book The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt yesterday and just had to dive in! I saw that you can make different quilt sizes with the blocks instead of just the one size with all 111 blocks. You can do a lap, twin, queen and king quilt. I'm going to do a lap quilt since I have little space and a standard machine, it will be easier to quilt in the end and cut.

I started two blocks so far! I plan on cutting more blocks out today to!

Block: Economy 

Block: Autumn Tints

So I realized I wasn't doing 1/4" seam allowance on my quilt blocks... this whole time for a couple years! Ack! I always assumed the edge of my standard foot was 1/4" and even measured it, but it always seemed to be a hair or two off. I would always just trim the blocks down and have smaller blocks, which were fine for me. So last night I finished the Autumn Tints block and they are supposed to be 6" blocks... it was 5.25" in size and I wanted to figure out what I did wrong. I cut the templates out exactly and made sure my sewing was perfect. Then I decided to look in my bag for other feet and found a 1/4" foot?! Tested it out and the seam allowance was spot on! So I recut out the first block and whipped it up with the new foot, it came out perfect. Why did it take me all this time to finally figure out my seam allowance was off?! Here are the two blocks, you can clearly see the size difference. I'll make a mug rug out of the reject block and list it in the shop soon.

This morning I made a Thanksgiving chain with Zoë! I'm trying to get her involved in crafts around the house. I did most of the work, she handed me the colors lol. My friend Heidi has a book out that I need to pick up today, it's called Every Day's a Holiday by Heidi Kenney.

On top of sewing, reroots and crafting... I'm trying to squeeze in some reading time. I really want to get through this stack of books (I'm adding Geek Love to the stack soon to)! I want to read Damned first, then make my way down. Oop's, I have the first Sookie Stackhouse book 1/2 read somewhere to! Maybe I should finish that book first since I have book two waiting for me on the Kindle. Ack!

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