Reroots and Cheesecake (yes.. cheesecake!)

I've been plugging away slowly at the nylon reroot, I made great progress today though! I'm hoping to get this reroot done in the next few days since I have a Middie reroot coming and a reroot for Sherri Dupree (Eisley anyone?). More on the fun reroot for Sherri soon, I feel so honored to be doing some Blythe work for her soon!

So yesterday we had to make the family runs for the turkey day... first off, I can't wait to have holidays at our place when we get a bigger house. It will be a couple years till then, but I'm looking forward to it! Anyways, my father in law used to be a chef and catered more in baking (he's an amazing cook!), so he made pies yesterday... a cherry pie, apple pie (omg!), pumpkin pie and... cheesecake! the cheesecake was AMAZING! I'm a sucker for cheesecake, iced coffee and anything chocolate. I'm pretty sure I have some serious chocolate problems, I tend to even sneak it in the car while driving, I can't get enough chocolate! Oh and I have a bad addiction to chocolate milk. What can I say, I'm a sugar fiend!

Also, I ventured into the crowds today to get false eyelashes (for customs) and a few other supplies including a mask, whoo hoo! I managed to survive Black Friday and came home with lots of goodies for customs! I'm trying to get more practice with bjd faceup's and I have a Littlefee Lewi coming for myself this upcoming week, she will need a new faceup and I plan to mimic the stock Fairyland Lewi faceup. So I got some new brushes and one came in the mail today to, score! Can't wait to get to work on my Lewi, I already have the vision of this doll and I'm super excited to finally get a Littlefee!

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