Reroots and Dolls

Making more progress on the current reroot, I have about 8 rows left and I really plan to get this one finished in the next several days. The colors look so awesome, Coco picked out a great blend! Next up I have a Middie reroot, saran blend and a mohair! Busy, busy!

Just had to share these sweet pictures I took of Beetle and Toast today! I truely love these two and they are both so different from one another. I need to redo Toast's faceup in the near future but for now she looks perfect as is! I got new brushes and I'm anxiously awaiting two bjd's to arrive! So excited! Today while I was pondering names for the two coming, I got to thinking that I need a pink girl! I want either a 16cm or YOSD sized girl with a pink wig, eyes and faceup! I see it in the future for sure lol!

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