Spreading my wings a bit

I've recently fell hard for bjd's... I mean, I've owned a few in the past (Pukifee and Puki) but never really gave bjd's a thought to much other than "oh, so cute". But ya, I am falling hard for them! I already have my two Muculdoll Buu's, which are Lati Yellow Size (around 16.5cm tall). Recently I ordered my Slinky Neko which is around 25cm (yosd size)... and then the other day, I put a msd sized girl on layaway at Mint on Card! I got a Dikadoll Monica and I'm super excited! She is amazing and I have some fun plans for her, I might be redoing her faceup but not sure yet until I see her in person. Here she is:

I have plans to order a few more bjd's and I think I will be content for a bit... until I lust after another I'm sure! Other than a new obsession, I decided to give bjd faceup's a go and try it out! I'm in love, it's different than Blythe faceup's and I love how detailed I can get when doing them compared to Blythe. I redid Beetle's faceup and tonight I redid Toast's faceup to!

As for customer right now, I'm pretty full. But I will be taking more faceups for Blythe soon once I finish the current ones on the way to me. I am also doing some bjd head faceups for more practice right now as well! :) Have a good weekend! <3

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