Three More Blocks!

Just got done with three more farming blocks! The Homemaker block scared the living crap out of me, it was my first Y seam and I lived to blog about it! The first seam was the easiest, then by the last seam... not so great. You can see a little problem spot on the bottom left of the center square, but I'm happy none the less! I think once the quilt is quilted you won't notice a bit! The other block I had issues with was the Night & Day block, they ended up being more diamond shaped than square, so I had to square them off and lost 1/5" all around, so I think I'll sash it in some black and white stripe fabric, shhh... don't tell!

Block: Homemaker 

Block: Night & Day 

Block: Mother's Dream

Here are all the blocks together again! I'll keep taking a picture of them together as I go for fun, I love seeing it grow! I'm at the 1/2 way point now if I choose to do only do 30 blocks. We shall see, I might keep going and do more (6x7 block = 42 in total).

The high light of my day was getting my new Craftster t-shirt in the mail! Well, it came yesterday but I didn't check the mail. My last one is falling apart badly and it was the skull with the knitting needles, but this time I got the skull with crochet hooks! So happy! Please note the no makeup and bad hair lol


  1. those quilt blocks are FABULOUS.

  2. I'm loving the progress of your quilt. Your fabric choices are simply amazing!!

  3. ooo that mothers dream is so pretty, i just pinned it!! :)