Some of you have heard I caught the bjd bug bad! I'm in search for a MSD sized bjd doll or really any other sized bjd (just no bigger than MSD). Here's the details:

My Trade

- Full custom faceup (including eyelashes... you must provide chips if you want them changed)
- Full reroots (you supply hair, can be alpaca/mohair/nylon/saran)

Your Trade

- You send me the bjd for your "payment" and the girl you want a faceup on (including the hair, chips, string... whatever you would like on her).

Dolls I'm interested in

- Fairyland - Minifee, Littlefee, Pukifee or Puki
- Bluefairy - Any (wishlist is Tiny Fairy Olive)
- Slinky Neko - Any

I'm open to others to, but please don't be upset if I turn down your trade.

Send me an email if you are interested!

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