BJD Challenge #2

Just so you guys know, I'm not asking the question, I'm just giving the questions and my responses. You can do the challenge questions yourself on your blog :) :)

The next question is: Do you own any? If so how many and if not, do you have any plans to at the moment?

I do! I currently own 2 Muculdoll Buu's (one in normal skin and the other in tan), a Littelfee Lewi... I have a slinky Neko Borry on the way (literally) and a Dikadoll Monica on layaway. She won't be here until Jan/Feb though. And as of yesteday, I have another girl coming, a Doll Chateau Hilary! She will be here in about 2-3 months as well.

I have a few more on my wishlist: Dollfactory Pepe, Pipos Basic Cheshire, Littelfee Bisou and Flora, Minifee Luka and I wouldn't mind a DIM Jullis on a girl body.

You can see my girls on my blog page here! I need to redo my Lewi's photo's soon, I named her Wonka by the way! Since she reminds me of candy and sweets, it was only suiting that she was named after Willie Wonka :)

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