Commission Update

Just wanted to give a quick update on my current status with reroots and faceups as well as a shop update for today!

I currently have only 1 Blythe here for a faceup, she is an EBL Skate Date! I am opening her up today and will start her sanding and carving this evening! I'm hoping to start color work tomorrow, if not tonight! I have a few girls on the way and I will update their status when they arrive! :)

I have 3 reroots here (yes, 3!). I'm working on the nylon blend reroot today and will be also working more on the Middie Blythe reroot. Once I finish both of these I will be starting on a thermal reroot for Meg right after! I have about 5 rows left on the nylon blend and hope to knock out 2 rows today on that one. The Middie reroot's partline is fully done and I have started on the crown. I hope to have the crown finished and at lest 2 rows in on the field (middle area)!

Today I finished up 5 YOSD tops that will head to the shop today! They are SO cute! I'm currently also working on Blythe sized tops and Lati Yellow, just need to tweak my measurements and work up a test top still. So stay tuned for those items!

I am closed for sewing, knitting and crochet commissions but am still taking faceups and reroot work! I have a little waiting list going but I can add you down if you are interested in that! :)

Got some fun news today, my Slinky Neko Borry shipped out today! Yay! I'm hoping to have her in my hands by Saturday (fingers crossed)! I will now have 2 YOSD girls in the house! I can't wait to see her in person, I have yet to see a half open eyed Borry online, just store photo's. Also, she is sold out! Right after I sent payment for my girl they put up sold out on her listing, maybe I was the last order perhaps? So glad I ordered her in time! Also, I just sent over a big payment chunk on my MSD girl who is on layaway. I hope to have her paid off either this month or next and hopefully she will be shipped out in January! Double yay!

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