Commission Update

If you have a doll or scalp here, please read this post! Just want to give you all a heads up on the current status and some reminders.

The first thing, I do not work on dolls during the weekend. I have stated this many times but just want to remind you all. Like any "job", I need days off to so I set these days off so I can sew, spend time with my little one and hubby.

Second thing, I will not rush a job for any reason. If you are in a hurry for your doll, do not send her to me to begin with then. I take my time to be sure she is perfect, all my work is by hand... just me. I do not use an airbrush, I use crushed chalk pastels with many layers... meaning, it takes time. Also, weather may be a factor if it is too cold or wet out, I cannot spray my MSC for layering and sealing. I do not want it to react badly with your doll and ruin a faceup.

Lastly, reroots. Yes I have done a saran/nylon reroot in 4 days before, but I have also taken 2 months to do one to. So please do not expect a reroot in super fast time. I sometimes cannot work on a reroot once a day (which is normally the schedule I do for reroots). I have an almost 3 year old who fights naps lately and nap time was my reroot time. So yes, I'm slow right now lol

Since it was such a busy last week and weekend due to Xmas I'm a tad behind. Not to mention I have been fighting a sore throat for going on 2 weeks now and the weather was rainy for a week (can't spray MSC). So I'm bit behind and slow right now. I have 9 girls lined up at the house for work, I will be working on them this week slowly. I should have updates on a few girls by Friday.

I currently have 2 reroots at the house, one alpaca and one thermal saran. I really hope to get these started this week. Both of you guys are SO awesome and patient, thank you! Sorry I am so behind, I will try to catch up though! :) :)

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  1. I like that you give folks heads up. As a customer it is always nice to know what is going on. And as an artist I don't like to be rushed or I do not do my best work. Pressure and deadlines are good in that it helps keep me on task but life and kids are much more importatn.