I'm in a magazine!

Whoo hoo! I was asked to be the feature artist for an issue of Doll Customizer magazine a while back, the magazine was a bit delayed due to printing issues but it's out!! I'm in the August issue and my custom doll is on the cover as well! I nearly died when I saw it in the mail yesterday, ahhh!!! You will be able to buy it at DollCustomizer.com soon! I would say a couple days to a week ro so it will be available I hope!

I am still taking faceup and reroot commission, I have a small waiting list. So if you are interested in a faceup or reroot for your doll, send me an email and we'll get talking!

I'm also offering a full custom Blythe option as well now, here is the info:

What is in the Full Custom:

  • The doll: either RBL or FBL, depending on what is available at the time
  • Full reroot in nylon or saran: you pick the color/s
  • Premium Faceup: Including everything listed for the premium here
The Full Custom is $750 right now and will take 1-3 months to complete. So if your in a hurry, I cannot rush this. It takes time to get the base doll, reroot and work my magic on her faceup. But, you will be able to create your "dream" Blythe, kind of like the Build-a-Bear Workshop haha!

Guess who is coming (in 2-3 months)?!?! A Doll Chateau Hilary! Ahhh!!! I've been eyeing this doll for a while now since her release. I instantly thought of Tim Burton when I saw her and I knew I had to get her some way. A flickr friend decided to buy a full set of her and got the event Hilary for $50... and is letting me buy the event girl from her! Ahhh!! So excited, holy crap! I have some big plans for this little one, I can't wait. I'm going to order her a wig soon and start sketching out my faceup idea for her. Eeep!

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  1. Haven't seen the magazine available yet? Any update on your end? I would love to buy a copy! :D