Knit, knit, knit

Since Zoë hasn't been taking naps lately, I've been trying to fill the time she is awake with knitting! I normally reroot during nap time, but I'm having to reroot at night now. Ack! I'm working on a shop update for around the 10th or so and I'll be sure to take some sneak peeks as I go!

Here is a striped sweater in progress for YOSD sized dolls, I want to make several YOSD sweaters, Lati and Blythe. We all know that our dolls can't be cold for the winter, right? haha

Speaking of rerooting, I have several reroots lined up now that have just arrived, eep! I'm hoping to finish the current one by next week (yes, I will finish it)! I'm starting on a Middie Blythe reroot tomorrow, while I make alpaca plugs for another... then when I finish the Middie, I'm starting a thermal reroot for a custom girl I'll be doing a faceup for next. Did I tell you I was busy? haha! I have several dolls coming in that I will be working on and listing, some after the holidays to!

Also... I'm working on some jersey knits for the shop! Yay! I drafted out a top pattern and have reworked it several times, I'm now very happy with the finished look and will start on those hopefully this weekend or next week. Here is a sneak peek of the style, it's an "off the shoulder" wide necked top that has a velcro closure in back. Other than these tops, I will be making socks for YOSD and Lati, as well as some Lati tops and leg warmers for both sizes to!

Also, enjoy some new pictures of my Littlefee Lewi! I still have yet to name her, she has two wigs coming by the weekend (black and pink), so I will wait to see which wig I like best and to see her with her new eyes (still waiting on those too) before I name her! I can't tell you enough how much I adore her! She is AMAZING!!

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