Meet Pia!

So, my Slinky Neko Borry was not supposed to be here until tomorrow or even Monday... but she arrived today! Yay! I was beyond excited when the guy came to my door, almost shaking with excietment! After opening the box up and unwrapping her, I'll admit I was not 100% pleased. Her face was WAY over blushed... like WAY! I wish I had taken a photo of it. They gave her a dark red/rose blushing on her cheeks and chin... odd. So I got this crazy idea that I would remove the blush and add on some lighter blush to her cheeks and all would be perfect. Well, it ended in near panic but I fixed her and now I love her!

I'm doing a review in the next post of the Slinky Neko YOSD size to! So check for that in a bit!

Renamed her Pia! :)

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