Miss Beetlejuice - SOLD

I' seen "The Exorsist" 167 times and it keeps getting better 
every single time I see it


:: Boring Stuff ::

- Paypal only (NO echecks)
No layaway, holds or trades at this time.
First to pay is first to get!

:: Adoption Fee ::

$600 SOLD

Please contact me by email for a fast response: milkyrobot@gmail.com

:: Shipping ::

- FREE in the U.S.
- $30 International

Both shipping will come priority with tracking.

:: Info ::

- Base doll is a Border Spirit RBL with factory scalp and was Rit Dyed by the previous owner 
  (Sherri Dupree-Bemis). 
- Lips and nostrils carved
- New lashes
- All new coloring done in chalk pastels (grays and natural tone lips)
- Pearl shimmer on eyeshadow, lids and little on the lips
- Light gray and white freckles around outer edges of eyes
- Blushing on cheeks and across her nose slightly
- Lids were hand painted and inspired by Beetlejuice, one of my favorite movies!
- She does not have sleep eyes but I can give them to her if you like with ribbon or string
- Boggled and gaze corrected
- Chips: (side facing) gray, dark green (front) pink, light blue/lavender
- All sealed with MSC

- Two signatures on her back plate: On the right is my own and the date, the left is Sherri Dupree-Bemis 
of Eisley. Please note, the price of this custom doll is not based around the signature of Sherri, it is based 
around the work that went into this doll.

:: Comes With ::

- Hand sewn ghost dress by Milky Robot (me)
- Yellow tights

:: Flaws ::

Because she is not factory made, she is not 100% perfect, as with all custom dolls. Her scalp was Rit Dyed 
so her scalp edge has a tad of discoloring (more so in the back under her hair). Also, she came to me over 
boggled so I removed her bottom arcs on her lids. This is not really a flaw since it does not effect anything 
but make her eyes more bright but I wanted to disclose this anyways.

:: Pictures ::

To see a picture of this hair down (not in pigtails) check here and here (this is not her, but it is her scalp 
in the picture).

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