Plugging Away

Been working on reroots almost daily and sometimes at night now. Started a Middie Blythe reroot late last night... just because I was so excited since it was so small! Ended up finishing the partline and barely started on the crown.

Making more progress on the nylon blend reroot, I think I counted 5 rows left! Woo hoo! I noticed I work slower depending on the colors I'm working with. Darker colors tend to slow me down as well as solid reroots. I love reroots where every row is a different color (like a rainbow one I did before here). I'll be bring this reroot with me today when I visit my parents, Zoƫ is going to help decorate my moms tree while I reroot at the coffee table.. it's my version of fun lol! Maybe I'm crazy, but I love rerooting!

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  1. These are looking super cute and definitely sounds fun.