Random Post and BJD Challenge #1

Been rerooting off an on this week, hoping to finish one (if not 2) by Friday. I'm also working on an EBL Skate Date off and on, will work more on her Friday. Friday seems to be the night for customs, I get to relax more and stay up late.

Last night we set up the tree and started decorating for Xmas!!! Yay! Now I'm fully ready for Xmas and enjoying the season! I still need to put the lights up in the windows, but I will get on that this weekend for sure! I ove Xmas, Zoƫ is going to have a great one this year! Now that she is closer to 3 (next month), she really knows what is going on and who Santa is. She is SO excited! Been watching Xmas shows round the clock haha!

I did a quick little photoshoot of my bjd's and decided to start the BJD Challenge! The first question is: Why do you like BJD's?

I'm fairly new to the BJD world, but I have had several through the last 3 years so I'm not completely new. I love BJD's for several reasons... for one, I do a lot of photography, just for fun. I find BJD's amazing to photograph! Being able to pose them and make them look realistic in photographs is beyond fun for me! Other than photography, I just love the many sculpts and companies. All are SO different!

I was at Walmart yesterday and scored some toddler tee's with stripes! Perfect for dolly clothes! They were on clearance for $1.50 each!!! Total score! I can't wait to get the rest of my knits here so I can cut into them!

Last thing I want to post about is that I jumped back on WW yesterday! I started yesterday as well but it was mid day so today is the main first day (again)! So far, so good! I have close to 30 points left for dinner (holy crap!) so I get to have some larger snacks today. Picked up some groceries for me and snacks, love WW snacks by the way! I have not had a WW snack or food that I didn't like yet!

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