Reroots and Rainy Days

It's been raining all week, we're getting more rain now than we were supposed to get during our monsoon weather! It's a bit clear today but it's supposed to rain the rest of the week. That means, no MSC spraying. So faceups are on hold till it clears up, most likely next week will be a go for that. But one thing I have enjoyed is the fun pictures I could take when it's been gloomy.

 I have been working of reroots! I finished the nylon blend reroot the other day and it is ready to ship home tomorrow. I have also been working on the Middie reroot and I'm nearly done, just 2 rows left. Next up is a thermal saran reroot and I'll be working on a white alpaca reroot along side. The alpaca reroot will end up getting dip dyed for an ombre style, I think we're going with pink but it may change when we get to that point!

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