Slinky Neko Borry - Review

Ok, so I've been getting several questions about how I thought of the posing and opinion of the Slinky Neko Borry. I only can compare her to a Littlefee since thats the only YOSD sized girl I have on hand. All the pictures of her are with her new faceup that I did partial (except the picture of her with the face protector on). So here goes, I'll be discussing the packaging, first impression, top to bottom and then my overall review of her.

The Box & Packaging

Very simple, it's a cream pearl box with just their sticker on the top (bottom edge). Pretty sturdy to. She was wrapped in a very cute pillow and then the doll itself was wrapped in bubble wrap. She had foam wrapping on her hands, ankles, neck and around her faceup protector. Very well packed and didn't look as if she would budge at all.

First Impression

I'll be honest, I was a bit disappointed at first. Her faceup was done very well but she was TOO blushy. She had red/rose blush cheeks and on her chin which I found odd. It looked as if she had a terrible nasty cold. So almost immediately I removed her blushing, then ruined her bottom lashes so had to redo her faceup from the under eyes and down, but I kept her top eye makeup and eyebrows (whew!). After redoing her faceup a bit I was very happy with her!

She came with an extra pair of hand (closed fits), a black bunny backpack that was part of a current event, a wig and eyes. She was supposed to come with the full xmas event gifts (mittens, cape and scarf)... but did not, so I sent them a message regarding this since I qualified for all of the gifts at the time. Little irked about that though.


Her head... lets see. Her headcap is very secure, the magnet is very large and strong so it doesn't fall off at all. You have to give it a nice pull, which I like!

Her eyes came in brown (not all will come in brown, same with wig).

The eye putty is actually fairly nice, I liked it.

As far as movement, it's very limited. She came with a rubber piece that sits on her neck and under her head (slipped over her S ring). I took it off to see if it would help her head move more, but it made it worse as she could not hold her head in a pose so that is why it is there. she can look down very well and turn her head from side to side, but having her look up is limited, it only budges a tad.

Her neck is very long, almost giraffe like. It doesn't bother me, in fact I think it makes her very unique!


Her chest has some nice posing and it holds really well! She can side lean from left to right pretty well, it's not crazy far like some dolls but it's good for me.

She leans back really well and holds it perfectly!

She can slouch forward a bit, I wish she was able to slouch a bit more.

Body Look and Design

Her body is very straight and stiff like. She squeaks a bit when posing and I actually like that for some odd reason. It is very sturdy. Her stringing is perfect, no kicking or anything (at least with my girl).

Her backside is a bit funny, her butt is so funny shaped. It's almost as if she is tightening her butt cheeks!

She stand very well and quickly, no fudging around her body to get her to stand and stuff.

Hands, Feet and Limbs

Her hands are quite large for her body. This was one of the reasons I liked this doll, I'm drawn to large like hands. They have great motion and hold the pose great.

Her feet are normal YOSD sized feet and also hold and pose very well. They point down great but only point up a tad.

Her arms and legs are not double jointed, so are limited in posing. Just simple bending.

Her upper thigh has a turning spot. It helps her turn her feet inward or outward for posing. It is a bit annoying when making her sit since it pops open really easy, so you have to hold the leg and upper thigh area when sitting her. But it clicks together insanely easy with not even a touch, so it's not too bad.


Her posing is quite limited as far as Littlefee standards, but I knew this in advanced. Nothing beats a Fairyland pose! o as long as you are aware of this ahead of time you will not be surprised.

She can sit on the edge of a table and with her knew not bent easily. Her back is very straight and she doesn't fall backward at all.

I also got her to sit on her knee's very easy, I like this pose and will use it again in pictures for sure.

After a couple minutes of tweaking and messing with her balance I was able to get her to stand on one foot! So you can see she is quite balanced and sturdy... even though I tried not to breath while taking this picture lol

Overall Review

On a scale of 1-10, 1 being crappy and 10 being really great... I would give her an 8 but a 7 for posing. I'm really happy with her and don't regret getting her at all! She is quite unusual and fun! I rate my Littlefee a 10, but we're not reviewing her lol

If I could change anything about her it would to make her body double jointed, her neck to have more range of motion as well as her chest. Also, her faceup to have WAY less blushing and none on her chin.

Good things I like about her, she is unique and holds her poses very well. Love her eye makeup and the wig she came with, got lucky and got the dark brown like I wanted... as well as the brown eyes. So yes, I'm very happy with her even though she is a bit limited in posing.

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  1. Well, I am not interested in getting one of these dolls, but if I were, this would have been so helpful. You did an amazing job with every aspect of her and anyone who is toying with the idea of getting her will now have very important fact. Great job!!