Socks, Pictures and BJD Challenge #4

Tonight I was in need of some socks for Pia. Since I have no shoes for her yet I needed something to cover her feet and keep them from getting dirty. So I whipped up a quick pattern and jumped on my machine! I wanted a slouchy - comfy look and they are perfect! I'm making a bunch for the shop since they are SO fast to make!

Decided to do the BJD Challenge #4 tonight...

BJD Challenge #4: What/who was the first BJD you ever owned? Do you still own them?

My first BJD I think was a Puki Puki Cupid. I got her in trade and loved her! She was SO tiny and cute. I no longer have her, only kept her for a short time actually. I lost interest in the tiny size fairly quick... then later on got a Puki Puki Lily... sold her after I quit my office job. Then got a Puki Puki Pong earlier this year, but she didn't stay either very long. Is it weird that I may in the future get another one at some point?! I don't know why, maybe I just didn't find the right sculpt for me but I know a choco Puki would be perfect if I could ever get my hands on one!

Now on to some fun pictures I took today of my girls! I almost traded out my new Slinky Neko girl (I know!)... she is SO limited with posing and it was really irking me a bit when I photograph her. But, I just love her look and sculpt so I decided to keep her. I just need to get used to her limitations and treat her a bit different than my Littlefee. She is gorgeous to photograph and has great expression in photographs.


  1. Have you thought at all about getting her a new body? There's a decent selection of bodies from other companies that have better posing that are still pretty affordable--I've been looking at Bambicrony, Dollzone, and 5stardoll myself for an impending YOSD hybrid :)

  2. You know, I'm SO new to bjd's and would have no idea if her head would fit on another body? I'll send you an FM on flickr to chat! :)