What I'm working on!

Decided to do a little post about some upcoming goodies in the shop! I'm working on knit scarves for YOSD, Blythe and Lati Yellow size. They are long enough to wrap around your girl a couple times and wide to cover her face if you like. Here is a sneak peek of them, they will come with fringe though, so this one isn't done yet.

I'm also working on leggings and tights for YOSD, Wonka is modeling a pair of tights I made last night. I need to tweak my pattern a bit at the waist and then they will be ready! I'll be sewing over the weekend and hope to have some updates in the shop on Monday!

I also just listed two new tops in the shop and all the sock patterns are listed as well. I will be cutting out more tops today as well! Hopefully my MSD girl will be home soon... well, probably another month or two, but I can hope right? I will start sewing for MSD soon though!

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