Ok, I'm tired of giving my blog posts a title lol So Im still waiting for my MSC to arrive, hopefully by Friday it will be here, this is the first time I forgot to order it and ran dry. Oop's! I'm working on carving faceplates this week though so I can get them ready at least for color.

Carved a BL Mondie tonight, she is now turning into a Monster custom for Meg. I have to say, it was really nice carving a face under the new lights I have on my desk, WOW! So bright and nice!

I also got two faceplates (RBL & FBL) in the mail today, these will be customized and listed in the shop very soon! One will be a monster girl and the other is still in my head for now. They are $70 each and you get a front and back plate. You just simply take your current girl apart, swap out the eyemech and scalp/dome and there you go, instant custom Blythe! They are super easy to open if you haven't opened one before to, I will work on a tutorial this weekend on how to open an RBL and FBL for you guys to!

I am taking commission orders for Blythe Raglan tee's right now. I am only working on 3 customers at a time, but I can add you on the waiting list if you like. You can view the info here or go to "Clothing Orders" at the top of my blog. I am also taking other doll clothes orders as well, but those are also 3 customers at a time, the rest will go on a waiting list. There is no max for each order, so send me an email if you would like to go on the waiting list for that: milkyrobot@gmail.com

Lastly, I have some fun news!! I had a small feature in the Polish magazine called GaGa! You can see my teal Blythe reroot and Simply Vanilla custom in the picture below. It's such a sweet magazine and I was so honored to be mentioned in it!

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