2 Spots for $50 Each - 1 Spot Left!!

Ok, I'm offering 2 custom faceup spots for $50 each! Only offering 2 spots and you must have the following:


But, if you would like to be added to my waiting list let me know! I will be closing it soon, no set date just yet but it is soon! :)

- Payment ready today
- Doll ready to ship by the end of next week

Basic Faceup Includes:

- sand matting
- new eyeshadow (top and bottom)
- lids colored
- lid art or design
- blushing
- lip/nose/philtrum carving (sad, happy, vampire...)
- lips color and/or glossed
- boggle/gaze lift
- sleep eyes (you supply the string)
- MSC seal

So, if you want this spot or have 2 dolls and want both spots, send me an email, first come first serve! Again, have payment ready, only reason I'm opening up 2 spots for this discount!

This also goes if you are on my list now and are ready!


Also, I'm getting ready to close my custom commission list for a while till I catch up!

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  1. Hihi< just sent you an email! Fingers crossed :D