2012 Goals

I've done a list of New Year goals but some were not doable, they were more hopefully goals. I want to make a list of goals that can be done this year and will be!

  1. Finished at least 3-5 new plush monsters
  2. Make some progress on my clay sculpting for my handmade bjd project
  3. Finish at least 3 quilts (even if it's just finishing the tops I have already made)
  4. Draw in my sketch book at least once a week
  5. Get on my spinning wheel at least once week (or at least every two weeks)
  6. Make monster head ornaments throughout the year to list in the shop for the xmas season
  7. Make my dolls clothes to keep, not just for the shop 
  8. Try to be more positive and get rid of negative people in my life (including Facebook)
  9. Get closer to family and visit everyone more often, maybe even do a get together once a month
  10. Try to update my blog more often again 
I need to refocus on what is important to me and what makes me smile.

1 comment:

  1. These sound like excellent goals!

    I have just started the attempt to condense my blogs into two, crafting and then reviews of things (such as dolls).

    I do have to say though, I just got my first Blythe, and your posts really are one of the main reasons I was excited to get one... I love your reroot photos... so you can update your blog with pictures of Blythe hair till the cows come home and I will read! I also love your Friday Favorites :)

    I keep telling myself to make stuff for the holidays well in advance... but I just never seem to get it done.
    I wish you luck on that one too... you're already ahead though (not a pun, I swear) in knowing what you want to make.