5SD Quintus Box Opening

My 5SD Quintus arrived today! She was supposed to be here tomorrow, but ya, tracking sucked! Also, she was supposed to be a pink skin and blank, but Mint on Card sent me the yellow skin with faceup. I'm totally fine with that to, was hoping for pink skin but her skin is fine to me in this resin to. I plan to redo her faceup this weekend, it's cute but not what I had planned for her. Also, I'm still waiting on her teal wig, hopefully that will be here in a week or so.

On to the pictures!

Box from Mint On Card, came Fedex 

Eeep! She came in a black plan box, nothing fancy. 

Inside her box: gift wig, gift shirt, eyes I ordered, invoice and her! 

Gift wig they sent, love the color! 

Gift shirt they sent, won't be using it.

Eyes I ordered, ZoĆ« picked them out. 

Stock Quintus eyes she came with in her head. 

5SD ship their dolls with their heads off like this, thought it was funny to see feet! 

Her head with stock faceup by 5SD with the eyes I bought (will be wiping this soon) 

Yes, she is really a he... I'll be fixing that tonight. Standing out of the box, very nicely strung! 

My little vamp girl, I'll work on her name once I redo her faceup.

I will be doing a body review on her soon, maybe tomorrow if I can swing it. I do plan on sueding her neck/head tonight with the hot glue method. She is strung very well but her head seems to be a bit tight, her legs aren't kicky at all though. I was very surprised, she is fairly hefty in weight and very solid, which I like. More on her soon!

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