Custom Commissions

Just wanted to bring this up again, I'm currently not accepting any new people in my custom waiting list and clothing commissions. I'm working on the current list and want to focus on sewing and filling the shop. I have many plans for customs for sale and want to really focus on my own projects.

If you are on my custom faceup list and want to be removed from the list (like you decided to wait or something), please let me know. I am not bumping people around on my list, I want to get the current list done in a timely manner. Thank you guys!

I may still take more reroot commissions but ONLY saran or nylon. No more mohair or alpaca reroots. They are too time consuming and messy for me. I prefer to work with nylon/saran instead.

Clothing commissions: I'm working on the custom requests that are already paid for this week, I'm a tad behind but can catch up in one day. I am not taking anymore clothing commissions right now either, I want to focus on shop stock and such.

Thanks guys!! <3

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