Custom Update

Wanted to touch base with you all on customs and reroots. Just haven't had a free minute to do so. lol I'm a bit behind again on customs. Had to wait for yet another MSC can to arrive, will be here today though! I do faceups in sets of 3, so that is why so many are at my house.

I currently have the following at my house and what their status is for everyone:

Meg (Faceup & Reroot) = Custom is done, I have about 5 rows of reroot to do
Sherri (Faceup & Reroot) = Reroot is about 1/3 done, will be starting custom next week (2/6-2/10)
Lauren (Faceup & Reroot) = On hold till hair arrives, will be starting faceup next week (2/6-2/10)
Sandie (Faceup) = Starting this week
Becky (Faceup) = Starting this week
Olivia (Faceup) = Starting this week
Claire (Faceup) = Starting this week
Simii (2 Faceups) = will be starting next week (2/6-2/10)

I currently have on the way from everyone:

Mandy (Faceup)
Jen (Faceup)
Kim (Faceplate Faceup)

I currently have the following coming in for Feb:

Nikki (3 Faceups)
Leslie (2 Faceups

Putting a hold on everything else after this so I can get caught up. This post is to show everyone on my list, dolls here and dolls done on were I am at.

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