Day 1: Fresh New Start

So, one of my biggest 2012 resolutions is to loose weight. I want to have a new body by this time next year. I have 94 pounds to loose, but ideally I would like to loose 114 in total. Today is day one, I resigned up for Weight Watchers this morning and already started. I choose Weight Watchers again because it really works for me, I know it doesn't work for some, but for me it works. I lost over 30 pounds my first time on it in around 2 months. Then my little one had to go in for her second cleft surgery and it threw me off track with the worry and stress. I thought I had the motivation a couple months ago but ended up going off track after a week. So today is a fresh new start, new year and new outlook. With ZoĆ« getting bigger and more active (if you can imagine that), I want to be able to keep up with her. It's SO hard to right now, can't get on the floor with her to play, can't chase after her without falling over trying to breath.... and I can't sit comfortable in most armed chairs. That is one of the most embarrassing thing ever to me, going to a restaurant and being uncomfortable sitting or having the table too close to me... and it's a stationary table. So ya, I have lots to work on and change, but I'm excited! It's going to be SO hard! Need to build up my strength and beat it though.

So every Sunday I thought it would be fun to post my total loss (since that is my weight tracking day). I will put up this image and it will have my grand total weight loss in it every week!

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  1. I'm going to try and shed some pounds this year too so I'm wishing all the best. I know how hard it is to stay motivated and how tiring it gets mentally after a while, so if you ever need someone to rant to I'm here :)