Faceup Price Change

Since I have been SO swamped with new customers and interest for faceups, I need to lift my prices slightly after February. If you are on the list now, you are still at the current price and it won't change. This is just for customers who want to be added to the list after February 1st. So, if you want the current price, get on my list now!

I had a system going for a monthly schedule but I just threw that out the window this morning, it's confusing the crap out of me. So, I'm just doing the regular waiting list. So far the people on there now are for February though (in my head lol), so you guys are ok! Anyone added now will be towards the end of February or early March. I will be taking 2-3 customers at a time though, depending on how many dolls they are sending me. There is no limit anymore either. So if you want to send me 1 doll or 5, thats fine, just let me know the head count when I put you on my list!

The new price as of Februay 1st will be $85 for faceup and not $70. Everyone that is added to my list after the 31st of this month will be put under a marker on the waiting list. Hope this makes sense! :)

Thank you guys!!

<3 Jess

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