Incoming Puki

I have another girl arriving this week! Eeep! She is a Puki Pong, not sure if I mentioned it before but I'm to lazy to check and see. Haha! She took a little side trip to Xhanthi for a faceup before coming home. I hope she doesn't mind me posting this pic here (let me know if you do, eep!). I gave her my idea's and a quick mock up faceup... then she did her magic and made her amazing! She has an aqua color short pixie wig coming as well as a Fairyland magenta colored wig (in case). I'm SO in love!

Photo credit to Xhanthi (not my photo!)

So excited! Now to decide if I should get a second Puki, and if so, which one?! I've been eyeing Darjeeling for a long time, as well as Lily. Hmmm.


  1. I don't mind at all! Tis your dolly :) Just don't be surprised when you open the package and find an IOU note instead... lol