MSD Arrival!

Got a new girl today!!! Only a couple crappy shots since I was too excited to pull out the flash and big camera, but she is amazing! I'm SO happy I ordered her. I put her on pre-order and layaway in November and she arrived today! She is a Dikadoll Monica 43cm bjd with stock faceup (I removed the bad lashes though). She is wearing a Monstro Designs fur wig that fits her perfectly and the 5SD Quintus stock mustard glass eyes. They looked perfect on her!

She has an anime look to her and I was really drawn to that even though I'm not a huge anime fan. I like a few like Serial Experiment Lain, I prefer that style of anime, not the Sailor Moon typed stuff.

Since I qualified for the event head at the time, I picked the Masu sculpt head and will be giving it a faceup soon. She will share my Monica's body until I get around to ordering her one of her own soon.

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  1. i just randomly came across your blog and would like to know where did you get her? shes so cute and i want one!