Secretdoll Person Ordered!

Today I ordered my first Person doll! Eeee! I really didn't mean to hit the submit button, I was just seeing what shipping would cost and then wanted to leave the screen up for a while to think about it, then got excited and just hit it... then yelled out oh crap! But I'm SO glad I did, wow! I ended up selling my two Muculdoll Buu's to help with the dent in my Paypal account (oop's). I ended up getting the limited Winter "Universe" Person 4!!! I can't wait!! I ordered her new eyes, jeans, shirts and shoes! Found out they fit in Odeco, Mui Chan and some Middie Blythe so I went a bit crazy but I made sure I budgeted it out this time since I have to get groceries, Zoƫ's party stuff and do shipping. So all is good and I'm SO happy!

Now to think of a name! Since they look SO much like Yoshitomo Nara's girls I'm tempted to go with the name Nara. But here are a few other idea's:

  • Nara
  • Juno
  • Tea
  • Rutabaga 
  • Radio
  • Curry (if she comes with the wig in the pictures)

Here are some pictures of her from Secretdoll (not my pictures).

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