While waiting for MSC (you'll hear me say this a lot until it arrives lol), I decided to sew more! I came up with a cute design that was inspired by a dress I found online. I made it to fit MSD and Blythe. It's a little shorter on Blythe than it would be on MSD, but I it suits her well. Each top/dress has gathered sides that are tired off with ribbon or a tick string (not the ric rac shown, all I had on hand).

For Blythe, it will come with a contrasting skirt as shown, so they will be sets. I cut out 4 sets already to list in the shop hopefully this weekend.

For MSD, it will come with a tulle under skirt (still working on that piece). It's a bit longer than the Blythe version, but I wanted it full so it's perfect! Since my MSD girl isn't here yet, I'm sending this dress to my friend Erica for a fitting on her Minifee. So I need to check and see if it needs tweaking and such still. I may try to make a YOSD version of this next to!

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