Waiting List Back Open!

Ok, tried to throw the waiting list out the window due to so many cancelations and "can you bump me back a couple time"... but, this is just easier. So, the waiting list is back open for faceups, I still have a reroot waiting list going on and I can take on lip carving & lip coloring commissions anytime!

So, if you are serious and would like to be added to the waiting list, please send me an email: milkyrobot@gmail.com

Here are some new terms though:

  • For faceups, please have your doll mailed out to me by the 10th of your month. I will send you an email for a reminder, but this will give me time to work on your doll that month and stay on track.
  • Payment for faceups are due before your doll is shipped to me. 
  • Return shipping is due after I complete your faceup.
  • I'm allowing 2-3 dolls per customer limit right now and will take a certain amount of customers per month so I can focus on my shop through the month as well.
** Please only join the faceup list if you are serious! This gives me a heads up on the next month and know what to expect. This is not just fun work for me, but it also is my paycheck. If you cancel last minute I will not put you back on my list. **

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