Craft Show Sewing

Been squeezing in sewing time in between customs/reroots. I've got a stack of wallets done (more than in the picture) and a tiny stack of tissue cozies sewn. I stayed up till 2 this morning sewing the tissue cozies after I finished working on 3 Blythe's. SO tired, but SO worth it!

I still have SO much sewing to do! After I finish what I cut out, I'll see how much more of each item I want to make more of in the end. I still need to work on my monster head keychains.


  1. Oooh! That Blythe girl is soooo cute!!!! I absolutely love her!

    And your wallets are just lovely :)

  2. PS, the new header is very cute, I like the Milky Robot font!

  3. Everything looks great so far Jess, I hope you sell out!!!!

    And I just love what you did with her face, she's beyond perfect.