Crafters, I have a question!

So, I have wanted my own retail shop for years and years. Lately it has been on my mind even more the past year or two. So I was just curious about this idea. How many of you crafters would be interested in consigning at a shop like this, would include product like:

  • handspun yarns
  • hand dyed yarn and fibers (including batts)
  • sewn goods (bags, pouches, kitchen decor... etc)
  • plush (sewn to amigurumi)
  • misc goods (art, prints, some jewelry...)
The type of store would be like "not your mom's handmade", more like etsy, trendy and urban goods. Not sure how to describe it correctly.

For the consignment, I was leaning towards 2 different types:

  • By the space: monthly fee depending on the space you want to rent (wall, shelves, etc)
  • % of sale: a certain percentage is kept for what you sell in the shop that month
I really like the idea of a monthly "booth" fee rather than a sales cut. Then you could sell as much as you want (that will fit in your spot) or as little as you want. As long as you keep your spot filled through the month. 

I'm still toying with this idea, nothing has been done yet as far as retail space or anything. Just in my head.

Also, I would love to have a big comfy couch and large table with chairs for classes like knitting and crochet.

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  1. Sounds lovely! I like the idea of a booth fee too, and it probably means less math for you (which in my books is always good).