Determined... once again!

For the first time I am so determined to loose weight that I have been exercising! This has never happened before, I know... so bad lol I started walking yesterday, once in the morning and once in the evening. Did a 12 mile both times. This morning I did 1/4 mile and plan to aim for a 1/2 mile this evening. I'm also getting an exercise bike today from my parents, they have one that is just sitting so they offered it to me. Yes please! So I'm hoping to get that set up and jump on for 30 minutes later today. I'm feeling good, I hope to have a good loss on Friday, my next weigh in. I'm back on WW and have been doing great since Friday. Here is my workout plan for next week (I'm just starting out for the first time ever, so I'm taking it slow):


Morning: Bike for 30 minutes
3pm: Yoga
6pm: walk for 1/2 mile


Morning: walk for 1/2 mile
3pm: Yoga
6pm: walk for 1/2 mile

I'm hoping in a couple weeks I can do 2 laps to make it a mile when I go for walks but for now I'm sticking  to a 1/2 mile while I start out. I have never walked before to get fit, ever. So this is a challenge for me.

Also, if it plans out ok, I'm signing up for a yoga class to do on Tues or Wens. They have a basic entry class on Tuesday at 7pm, so I may take that first, then switch to Wens at 7pm for the normal slow class for a while. I think if I do once a week at the studio and then do Yoga at home on the other days it wil be good for me. I'm VERY excited to go! First class I will be on the 21st this month (I think, need to double check).

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  1. This is awesome Jess, I'm rooting for you 100%