It's been a while since I did and actual blog post, sorry guys! I've been super busy lately with the craft show sewing and doll work.

What have I been working on? Lots! I have been making monster head keychains, and finished 2 more tonight! I also have been sewing off and on. Finished some wallets, tissue cozies and just a few coffee cozies. I have a month left to get stuff done so I will be working by butt off till then to get stuff finished. My biggest project is the wrist pouches, I just about done sew basting and such so I can get these sewn up.

I also threw some new fiber on the wheel the other night! I'm doing a 5 ounce mix of Hobbledehoy & Spun Right Round batts, loving the colors!

For doll work, I will have some updates later this week. Here is what is on my plate this week:

  • Finishing up Mandy's monster girl
  • Finishing up Sherri's alpaca reroot
  • Finishing up Meg's saran reroot
  • Carving faceplates for: Jen, Leslie and Nikki
  • Will be doing color work for: Jen, Leslie and Nikki
So hopefully this time next week I will have Meg and Sherri's girl done and ready to ship and 3 more finished dolls.

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  1. Wow! You have been busy! I never comment but I love your stuff they are so adorable and I'm very jealous of your sewing skills, I don't have the patience or steady hands to quilt as well as you do :)