Inspiration Friday and More!

1. L1110957, 2. cześć! hello! hej! , 3. Spring time!, 4. IMG_1958, 5. Domo paper dolls, 6. Dine with a rabbit, 7. " want to hold my little kitty cat?", 8. sewing table, 9. Parka 2.0 (on Explore!!)

Been sewing a lot during the week days and customizing on Friday and Saturdays. Will be working on 5-6 dolls tonight and tomorrow! Whew! I will be busy! Normally I like to work on Sundays while hubby and the little one go visit his parents, but I want to go along this weekend so I need to work tomorrow instead.

Just listed a new Person dress in the shop, it's hard to update the shop updates on the blog since some sell faster than I can blog them! So keep an eye on my Twitter/Facebook or Flickr for updates!

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