Lots of goodies coming!

So, the hubby and I got our tax return finally and I got to order a few things I have had my eyes on. The first thing was my first Odeco! I ordered the Odeco-Chan Stray, very excited! Most of the clothes I have been sewing lately fit Person, Middie and Odeco. I knew I just had to cave sooner or later, right?

Picture credit to: Petworks

Also, I ordered another rather large item... a new sewing machine! *dies* My current Brother 6000i has been giving me lots of trouble, it turns itself off randomly 2-3 times when I sew. I have to hit it to get it to turn back on, it's driving me crazy! Iw as going to order the Singer Hevayduty but decided to take a gander at what machine other doll clothes seamstresses are using and I kept seeing the Singer 7470 pop up. Linda Gavin uses one, as well as Atelier Momoni. So, I decided to take a plunge and order one. I haven't used a new Singer before so I'm very curious about it. It had great reviews, tons of stitches and sews doll clothing great (from what I hear).

Picture credit to: Singer

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