Ok, so her name ended up not being Radio... I picked Mochi instead and it suits her perfectly! (Pronounced Mah-Chi). I had her on my table while I cut out Blythe & Person dresses last night. Speaking of cutting dresses, I was going to do a shop update tomorrow but I think I will have it today instead since Monday's are always so crazy. I will start photographing everything in a few moments... I have 4 Blythe dresses (2 babydoll and 2 mushroom style) and 4 Blythe tote bags!

I need to finish the Person dresses and I'm cutting out Person bags to! The bags will also suit Lati Yellow, Pukifee and other similar sized dolls, or a small purse bag for Blythe!

Mochi looks too cute and I can't resist taking her picture everyday. So be prepared to see a LOT of her! Not sure if I mentioned it before, but I piped her legs and now she poses great! Still a bit tricky to get her to stand right away since her feet are SO tiny, hard to balance that big head but she poses after a few tweaks. Love her!

Loou has been waiting for her Licca body to arrive. I'm in love with this Blythe staying pretty much stock. I really love stock Paris. I did change her chips and will change 2 more sets soon, might either remove her lashes or replace them with dainty ones. Will know when I swap her bodies soon!

As for Enid, poor girl. She has been hanging out on the shelf pretty much untouched since I got her, just take her down for modeling for the shop. I'm waiting for her alpaca scalp to arrive, which is this one here! I will be doing a light custom on her once I get the scalp and Licca body for her to!

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  1. Mochi is too adorable! I can well imagine her bossing you around your sewing table! And Enid is going to look awesome with those pretty mermaid hairs!