Odeco Stray... and some Mochi!

Today my first ever Odeco-Chan arrived!! I wasn't expecting her till tomorrow or later this week, so it was a pleasant surprise! She is one of the new Odeco's from Petworks and I love her!

She also fits perfectly in my Person dresses! I plan to draft out some tights or see if I have a pattern for some in my DCR mooks. She is such a fun size though, perfect to put in your purse and take with you for some fun outdoor pictures. Speaking of purses, I just ordered a new bag last week, I got this one on etsy!

One reason I picked the Stray Odeco was for her awesome stock outfit (and her eyes & facuep). This outfit is beyond cute and looks perfect on Mochi!!

I'm trying to finish up a plush monster commission tonight, I'm a couple days behind, eep! Also hoping to finish up Pip's faces in the next day or so and finish up Nikki, Leslie's and Kim's girls. Waiting patiently for my sanding sponges to arrive. I will be starting Rachel, Simmi & Adelle's girls tomorrow and Friday as well this week. Trying SO hard to get caught up and get these dolls back home to the customers.

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