Shop Update: Person Dresses & Newspaper Hats

Just listed three Person dresses in the shop, as well as four "Newspaper" hats! The Person dresses should fit Middie Blythe as well, I did the measurements against the two dolls chest section and they should fit perfectly!

Head to the shop here!

Also, I started working on a clothing commissions page! This page will be ready once I finish up the current Blythe commissions at the house, I'm almost done! Working on the following dolls this week for:

  • Nikki - RBL
  • Leslie - RBL
  • Kim - RBL Faceplate
  • Pip's x2 - RBL (almost done, working on lids now)

This Wednesday I will be carving the following dolls for:
  • Rachel - SBL
  • Adelle x2 - FBL
  • Simmi x2 - RBL

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