Customs and Reroots Update

Haven't updated in a while. Have some family things going on right now, my Grandpa is in the hospital so I haven't been able to concentrate on much lately. I am still trying to prep for the upcoming craft show, will be doing a ton of sewing this weekend!

I am moving all my dolly projects to another blog. I will post the link shortly and add it to the top of this blog. You will see all my customs, reroots and doll clothes on that blog soon!

In the meantime, here is my recent work... First is a thermal saran reroot.

Next is a pink ghost girl that got a custom by me and a white alpaca reroot. She belongs to Sherri and already made it back home to her yesterday!

Lastly, my favorite, a Bubble Boom monster custom. Love how she turned out! I think I need a monster girl of my own now lol

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