WW Progress

Haven't done an update on my WW progress, oop's! Actually, I haven't done any updates barely at all! Eeep!

I just did my 3rd week weigh in yesterday and I lost 4.1 pounds this week, a total of 12.8 lbs so far! Right when I rejoined WW, I ordered a new pair of jean capri's and got them in one size smaller. Their sizing was whack last time I ordered jeans, so I figure one size smaller they will either [A] Fit perfectly OR [B] End up a size too small. So they ended up being a size to small and I decided to try them on every Friday on my weigh in days to see if they fit. The first week they didn't fit, the second week I could zip them up (barely, but they zipped) and now the third week, I can button them up... with a ton of muffin top, but I can still button them! So I think another 10 pounds and they will fit perfectly! I'm so excited to see my progress and actually have results other than a scale to show me them!

Yesterday, I took Zoƫ over to visit with family and to see her young cousins. She had such a blast playing with the boys and her cousin Maddie. Got a couple shots of her, she is getting SO big. It hit me yesterday at how big she really is getting. She turned 3 in January and is such a sweet, polite little girl, she shocks me everyday! (sorry for the bad quality pictures, they were on my iPhone)

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