BJD Trick: Pipe Cleaners

So, I know this trick has been done many times, but anytime someone asks me how I get my Person doll to pose so well, I tell them I piped her legs with pipe cleaners, I get the same reaction... "what is that?!". So I thought I would do a quick tutorial on how to pipe cleaner a bjd's legs or arms. I just got my first Lati Yellow the other day from a Flickr friend (Lawdeda) and she isn't very kicky, but I was having trouble getting her to stand. Her legs kept buckling under her, so I think she actually may be a tad too loose. I'm using her for the tutorial!

You Need

  • Your BJD - this works better on YOSD and smaller dolls
  • Pipe Cleaners - color closest to the dolls skin tone, I used white but she is normal skin
  • Scissors - to trim the pipe cleaners

First you will cut two pipe cleaners the same length as the dolls leg (or arm) from end to end and add a tad extra. The extra will get tucked into the torso in the end.

Then, you are going to bend your little one over (not a great view, I know). You are going to stick the pipe cleaner in the hip hole and push it the end when it hits the ankle.

When you get the pipe cleaner all the way in, you will have some sticking out near the butt. If it's too long you can trim it a bit like I have in the pic below. You will then pull the leg out straight and stick the extra pipe cleaner tip into the torso and thats it!

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