Custom Commissions - Filled

Ok, I have been taking a break from customs and have been feeling inspired once again. I have a waiting list going on, but most are not ready right now for custom work. So, if you are on my current list or not and ready for a faceup and can pay today, I am taking 4 dolls only. If you cannot meet the guidelines below, I am not ready to take you right now:

  • Must be able to pay today for a faceup (I always require payment up front, but can't wait on payments anymore)
  • Ready to send out your doll by next week.
  • Have patience, it can take 1-6 weeks to complete your doll, I will not rush this. If you are in a hurry, do not contact me.
I do my best work when I am given a bit of artistic freedom, but not mandatory. My current custom price and list is below (I have not upped my prices in a while, but may in the future.

Please email for your spot, first come, first serve:

Custom Faceup - $85

Includes, but you do not have to have everything done on the list:

  • Sand matting for prep
  • Full lip carving in any style I can do (monster, sad, happy, vampire...)
  • Lids colored with lid art of your choice 
  • Eyeshadow and bottom shadow in all colors
  • Lips colored and/or glossed (I only use a sheen lip gloss)
  • Eye chip swap (you must provide chips)
  • Sleep eyes (you must provide string)
  • Boggle/gaze lift
  • MSC seal 
  • Backplate signed
Doll spots available (limit to 2 dolls per customer, so if you have 2 dolls it will fill up 2 spots)

  1. Tammy
  2. Fiddy
  3. Mandy
  4. Elvia

Custom fee does not include return shipping, that is due when I am done with your custom. I also reserve the right to turn down custom work. 

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