Dolly Sewing

So I just had to blog this, as I'm so damn proud of myself! Haha! I attempted my first DCR sewing project and I think I did pretty well! Thanks to Ruth (Eurotrash) for her help on sewing sleeves to the bodice and helping me figure out the opened front, I accomplished my first dress from DCR 4.

There were 6 pieces to cut for this dress (I hate cutting pieces in general lol). The neckline confused me a bit at first since the pattern piece for the front was one solid piece and no cut was there, but it all made sense when I started to sew it together.

I think I more proud of my sleeves! I tried sewing a sleeve to an arm hole before and ended up throwing the dress across the room. Ruth gave me a great trick and it executed perfectly! Now I want to attempt that dress I threw again, might need to pull out that pattern.


  1. ooo love the style of the dress!!! do you think you would be up for doing a tutorial about the sleeves they just mind boggle me!! :)

  2. Surely! I got the tip from here: