Knitting, Watercolor and New Girl Coming

Ack, this insomnia is killing me at night. I refuse to go to bed since I'm wound up and wanting to work on things after the hubby and little one go to sleep, then it ends up being hours until I go to sleep. So last night I started a cardigan for a new girl I have coming, more info on her soon! I cast on the cardi with pink, then want to do the whole sweater in this mustard striping yarn. Might trim the sleeves and bottom edge in pink to, I think the colors will go great with her hair color.

Then, I got to sketching out the new girl so I can get a visual on what colors would look great with her hair color. She is an Alexis Emerald factory girl!!! I got her on a whim from my friend Meg who listed her yesterday on the Blythe forum, held my breath while waiting to see if I got her and I did. I have never had my heart race for a doll before hahaha! I'm naming her Chuck (2.0, after my first Chuck). I ordered a pair of FBL faceplates for her since I normally tend to love FBL's more than all the other doll molds. Very excited for her to arrive!

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