Sewing Kick

Been on a huge sewing kick lately and enjoying every minute of it. I stayed up till 2 last night playing with that hippie top pattern and new necklines, didn't really care to much for the necklines so I'm going to stick with the original long neck opening. Plus, I don't need a back closure with that big of an opening in front, awesome! this morning I added a hidden closure at the top and some tiny buttons, LOVE this top!

I just noticed I have a TON of Petite Blythe patterns and thought I would try one out... not sure my eyes can hand that tiny of clothes though so we shall see (and I'm only 28 lol). So I decided to search for my two petites, one was carved and customized by me a while back (the little monster).

For lunch today I had Cookies & Cream ice cream with a ton of hard sauce (it's that kind of day) and cut out an open front hippie top that will hopefully be in the shop soon... if I don't fall in love with it first! lol

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