Shop Changes

Ok, after some hiccups this morning I can finally reannounce some exciting news! After many chats with Ruth of Eurotrash lots of good things are changing on how I run my shop and shipping!

Shop News:

Since my etsy fee's are just outrageous right now, I have been searching for a new shop storefront with little to pay out. So Ruth sent me info on her shop and how she runs it, which is awesome! I have now converted a section on my website to a shop! I still have some things in Etsy, if they aren't gone by tomorrow I will move the rest of the doll clothes on over to the new shop.

For the new shop, you can view it here. You can check out with PayPal like on Etsy still to! I offer one shipping option right now, I will add priority domestic soon when I get the hang of my new shipping system (see next section). If this is your first time shipping in the new store, you will need to create an account when you do your first purchase (which is everyone). I will have a $0 purchase item in the shop to help you set up your account before shopping soon, just working out the kink in that right now.

Shipping News:

For shipping, Ruth has also helped me tremendously in this are to! I have now signed up for Endicia shipping and will be able to ship all of my international orders through this new shipping company. I have also taken the plunge at shipping all domestic orders through the PayPal shipping system (I know, I'm very slow at doing this finally lol). What does this all mean? It means I can get your order out to you quicker! No more having the hubby wait in line at the post office to ship my bag of goodies. All domestic orders will come standard with tracking at no additional cost too!

So with all this fun news, I just added 3 Person hats to the new shop! Below you can see that the Person hats also fit Lati Yellow and Pukifee quite well also, just a tad big but still cute as ever!

Head to the shop now by clicking here! I will be adding an easy "shop" button to the blog very soon as well. You can find these hats in the "Newspaper" Hat section. I will be busy sewing this weekend and working on reroots. So I will have another shop update on Monday if all goes well! More hats are coming, just waiting for my fabric order to arrive, the next hat theme is Hot Rod newspaper and black and white comics!


  1. Yeah! Congrats!
    Great news for us and for the hubby :)

  2. So awesome, glad you're all set up. It seems like most people are leaving easy these day because of the fees too. It's nice that there are other options out there. CONGRATS!