Still Breathing!

I know I haven't done a blog post in ages! Been on a little break from things and I hope to get back into blogging again!

Whats new?! Not too much lol Reorganized my sewing space last night, love it! It's small and cluttered but I love sitting there now! Sat down to finish up some "newspaper" hats for the shop (there are some still there for those who were looking for them, go here). Also loving my new sewing machine I got not to long ago! It replaced my Brother since it kept jamming and turning itself off, literally every other stitch it would turn off. So I got a Singer 7470 Confidence... LOVE!

I have been sewing dresses like a mad woman and loving every second of it! In fact I just listed some dresses to the shop this morning! You can see them in the shop here!

My Blythe Loou is heading out for a faceup this week. She is going to Erica Fustero's for a fresh new look. Lots of people ask "Why dont you do your own custom?"... well, I hate doing my own customs lol! I think it's because I see my "style" all the time and it's nice to have a fresh look in my house. If I do the custom myself (which I almost did), I end up selling the doll. It's like a jinx for me and I would like to keep this girl with me. She did get a new reroot by Pip, it's alpaca and in all shades of green, sea foam and teal. LOVE!

The other day I helped Zoƫ plant some flower seeds! they started sprouting the other day and more this morning. She is beyond proud of her little seedlings, as I am to! :)

Lastly... I'm planning a new quilt!!! It's been ages! I ordered a FQ set of FMF and knew immediately I needed to make a quilt since it's my all time favorite line. Now was my chance to get some fabric in bulk. I am planning to do Swoon but only lap size with 4 blocks. Hoping to start cutting here soon!

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